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Advanced, multi-platform solutions that drive revenue

Driving revenue through advanced advertising and analytics

Consumers want access to entertainment content without device limitations, driving up the costs and complexity of cross-platform development for app developers, OEMs and MVPDs/service providers. Though they are willing to receive premium content in exchange for Advertising, consumers expect ads to be relevant to both the app or service and their needs. Integrating banner and video advertising is a way to drive revenue, yet many struggle with the challenges involved in doing so.

As a leader in entertainment technology, Rovi is uniquely positioned to provide advanced, multi-platform advertising solutions that drive revenue. Rovi's cloud-based system can help you avoid the high costs typically associated with ad integration. Our monetization solutions allow you to deliver relevant ads to consumers as they engage with key areas of user interfaces and menus. Components include ad sales, campaign management, production, scheduling, Analytics, and reporting. With a simple onboarding process, Rovi can help you monetize your apps and services across the connected device ecosystem while you maintain focus on your core business.

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