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Rovi Personalized Discovery Solution

Consumers feel overwhelmed by the entertainment choices available to them today and frustrated when they can’t get to the content they want quickly. They question the value of their services and are seeking personalized experiences that intuitively recognize what they want and quickly connect them to content they enjoy. Rovi is the only provider to offer a unified solution with metadata, personalized searchrecommendations and conversation services to address these pain points.


Rovi Personalized Discovery Solution allows service providers, device manufacturers and developers to provide highly accurate, efficient entertainment guidance to help consumers find the TV shows, movies, sports, celebrities and music they want to watch and hear. With Rovi’s advanced customization and personalization capabilities, you can enable unique, dynamic results that attract new customers, differentiate your services and create major competitive advantages.

Superior personalized recommendations and search results are powered by Rovi Recommendations Services and Rovi Search Services, and blend semantic analysis, collaborative filtering, unparalleled rich metadata and user profiles. Recommendations and results can be generated through interfaces using traditional text or natural conversation enabled by Rovi Conversation Services for the ultimate discovery experience. Our natural language understanding technology adds incredible value with intelligence that interprets ambiguous language, making it a major differentiator. 



Unlike other search and recommendations providers, we use Rovi Metadata Services to tap into our market-leading catalog of international metadata on TV, movies, music and celebrities – produced and curated by hundreds of Rovi content editors covering 18 languages and over 7 million programs. 


Rovi Personalized Discovery Solution is powered by a state-of-the-art Knowledge Graph that allows us to understand content and users, and how they relate to each other to enable personalized discovery and a vastly higher level of accuracy than the competition. After half a million hours of R&D, the Knowledge Graph understands the popularity and real-time relevance of objects, the relationships between objects, how the strength of those connections shifts over time and much more to achieve the appropriate, human-like responses consumers trust.


The Knowledge Graph combines the best of both human and artificial intelligence – high-quality, standardized IDs and descriptive metadata plus the human ability to catalog the intangible, emotional qualities of content. The graph contains dynamic metadata on 100 million semantic entities (i.e., program titles, celebrity names and other entertainment elements) and is growing smarter every day. It leverages editorially generated Rovi Metadata, making it even more dynamic, contextual and relevant.