Quickly and easily incorporate highly relevant entertainment guidance into your offerings.

Rovi’s recommendations, search and conversation services provide fast, personalized information to consumers. Cloud-based and integrated with interactive program guides, entertainment apps, retail websites and other solutions, these intuitive services help users navigate an overwhelming amount of content and discover entertainment they’ll love on virtually any platform or device. Our search, recommendations and conversation services are powered by a staff of 300 entertainment content experts and our state-of-the-art Knowledge Graph, in which we’ve invested half a million R&D hours to better understand entertainment content, users and context and how they work together.

Rovi Recommendations Services

Rovi Recommendations Services delivers personalized, intelligent recommendations that allow consumers to discover relevant content and break down the barrier of choice. With recommendations for music, movies and TV – including live TV, video on demand, and OTT – you can give consumers what they expect while delighting them with the unexpected. Powered by the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, our recommendations services helps differentiate your products, decrease time to market/costs, and drive sales and consumption.

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Rovi Search Services

Powered by the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, Rovi Search Services anticipates users’ interests and provides optimized query results based on popularity and relevance. Rovi Search Services quickly connects consumers to the specific content they are looking for, whether that content is in a video-on-demand catalog, on linear TV or through over-the-top sources.

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Rovi Conversation Services

Rovi Conversation Services lets consumers use their voices to search for digital entertainment across data spaces. Our end-to-end solution streamlines personal discovery, going beyond basic voice recognition to better understand needs and help ensure fast, highly accurate results. Powered by the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, Rovi Conversation Services enables the kind of natural, free-flowing dialogue and next-generation user interfaces that differentiate offerings and elevate user experiences.

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