Connecting music fans to the albums and artists they love

Rovi Music

Consumers want complete control of their music – immediate access to songs, suggested tracks and albums, plus artist information, images and audio samples. They enjoy the discovery experience and expect seamless media delivery and integration with their digital entertainment lifestyles. With Rovi Music, consumers gain all of this and more.


Rovi Music allows online stores, portals, social networking sites, service providers and mobile, PC and embedded application developers to differentiate their offerings, increase usage and drive consumption. With music metadata covering more than 3 million album releases and 30 million tracks worldwide – and growing through frequent updates – Rovi Music features everything from popular hits and classical masterpieces to minor works and cult favorites.

Available via FTP download or Web-based delivery, Rovi Music goes beyond basic descriptions to include artist biographies, reviews, related editorial content, song samples, music videos, social media and more. With rich commerce support tools and the ability to power intuitive search and personalized recommendations, Rovi Music can help you differentiate your offerings, encourage continuous discovery, plus drive consumption and sales across multiple platforms and music devices.



  • Access comprehensive album, track and artist metadata spanning musical genres, localized for countries in North America and Europe.
  • In addition to basic facts, offer original, high-quality editorial content written by subject-matter experts.
  • Connect fans to the albums and artists they love with enhancements like cover art, artist photos, song samples, music videos and social media.
  • Improve and enrich search results and recommendations, and benefit from rich commerce support tools.
  • Take advantage of multi-platform support, various configurations, and FTP and Web-based delivery options.